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 Saturday 17th Nov

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Welcome to my Las Vegas diary pages. I'll update these until I either stop waking up at 13:00 in the morning or I find something better to do at that time.

Click on the day on the left for each thrilling installment. Captions subject to change as I think of things which are funnier/less obscure.

Oh, and I've found a cure for Jet Lag. It is called "Mountain Dew" and is a soft drink with more caffeine than anything else. Drink a litre when you feel drowsy and you will be awake for the next four hours. Now if I could just stop shaking...

One other hot Vegas tip, don't have baked potato and cheese at Comdex. The potato is not actually baked and the cheese is supplied pre-melted. The picture of this culinary delight has been deleted on the grounds of decency. It has taken me three days to find something in Vegas that I don't like the taste of, so I suppose this is a success of sorts.

Other Vegas tips will be coming later in "Robs Guide to American Etiquette", a slim volume well worth the asking price...

Congratulations to M. Stocks. You win the valuable piece of card. The song was by Meatloaf. Just tell me you didn't find out from Google....

And this marks the end of the trip. Real life has well and truly kicked back in... If you want all the pictures (around 2 CDs worth) then let me know. I'm going to tidy things up a bit and work on the etiquette guide. Oh and sleep for a month or so.