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Computer nerds don't get tattoos. They get their own domain name and web site. This makes subsequent removal and change much easier, and involves no lasers and pain.

Besides, I don't like having needles stuck in me unless the chap doing it has a much better reason than icon management.

So, with all that in mind here is my web site. An expression of pure ego with bad jokes. If you like it this is good. If you don't then just press the "Back" button and move on stranger.

I've made a new year's resolution today. In June. I'm going to keep this site updated and make an attempt to keep it as vibrant and entertaining as my personality. I'm also going to keep the blog alive with my innermost thoughts and feelings. When I have some.

Of course at the moment we are all abuzz with the success of Team Random, a bunch of first year students from Hull University (where I work) who have scored third prize in the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition. Find out more from my blog and the Barcelona Diary.



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